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University of St Andrews, 14th and 15th March 2022
European countries have witnessed increasing immigration streams and ethnic diversity over the past
decades. Recent social science research reports considerable heterogeneity in family forms,
employment and housing patterns among individuals with migration family background as well as
across migrant generations. Some researchers underline the importance of preferences and human
capital, whereas others emphasise the role of structural inequalities. It is equally unclear whether the
observed differences are short-term outcomes in a long-term process of cultural and economic
integration or rather reflections of different pathways and outcomes for immigrants and their
This international symposium brings together migration researchers to discuss innovative research on
migrants and their descendants. We invite contributions in the following research areas of migration
studies: fertility and family; employment and education; housing and place of residence. Research
using longitudinal data and life course analysis will be given priority. Future projections and
methodological contributions are welcome. The symposium is part of the ERC funded MigrantLife
project (please see
To submit a paper for the symposium, please send an abstract (max 250 words) to Susan Watson at
[email protected] by 14th February 2022. Slots for presentations are limited and authors will
be informed by the 21st February as to whether their paper has been accepted.
The organising committee:
Dr Chia Liu
Dr Isaure Delaporte
Dr Andreas Höhn
Dr Júlia Mikolai
Ms Susan Watson
Prof Hill Kulu

3rd International Conference on Migration and Mobilities

Wednesday 8th – Friday 10th July 2020, St Andrews, Scotland (cancelled due to COVID-19)

Greetings and welcome to the website for the 3rd International Conference on Migration and Mobilities (iMigMob), which is being hosted by the University of St Andrews 8th-10th July 2020. This three-day conference builds on the successes of the first two iMigMob conferences (in Loughborough in 2016 and Plymouth in 2018) in bringing together scholars from a range of disciplinary perspectives to discuss the latest research in migration and mobilities.

This conference is orientated around the four themes, which have been chosen to reflect key contemporary conceptual and policy concerns:

Internal migration and urban change, keynote speaker: Prof Darren Smith, University of Loughborough

Forced migration and bordering, keynote speaker: Prof Nick Gill, University of Exeter

Visualising mobilities, keynote speaker: Prof Alex Singleton, University of Liverpool

European migration in turbulent politic, Keynote speaker: Dr Kate Botterill, University of Glasgow

All of information can be found further in our website:

Family and Fertility Over the Life Course in Europe

University of St Andrews, 15th – 16th November 2018

In the past decades, European societies have experienced significant changes in partnership, family and fertility dynamics. Marriage rates have declined in all European countries, non-marital cohabitation has become common, and divorce and separation have significantly increased. Childbearing has been postponed, but fertility levels fluctuate over time and vary across countries. Growing immigrant and ethnic minority populations have contributed to the diversity of family forms and individual life courses. Changing partnership and childbearing patterns have major implications for social stratification and health inequalities in the later life course.
This international symposium brought together researchers in the areas of family, fertility, migration and the life course to discuss recent research and the challenges that changing demographic realities pose to European countries at individual, regional and societal levels. The workshop was jointly organised by the University of St Andrews and the ESRC Centre for Population Change, and it was held in Lower College Hall, the University of St Andrews.
Confirmed keynote speakers were Prof Aat Liefbroer (University of Amsterdam and NIDI), Prof Francesco Billari (Bocconi University), Dr Eleonora Mussino (Stockholm University) and Prof Jane Falkingham (University of Southampton).

Contributions were invited to the following sessions:
– Partnerships and family (organiser: Júlia Mikolai)
– Fertility (organisers: Hill Kulu and Elspeth Graham)
– Migration, family, and fertility (organisers: Albert Sabater and David McCollum)
– Family, health, and the life course (organiser: Katherine Keenan)

Programme: International Symposium St Andrews

International Students in Scotland Roundtable; Brexit and Beyond.

University of St Andrews, 6th September 2018

University of St Andrews academics David McCollum and Paula Duffy, in conjunction with the Royal Society of Edinburgh, hosted a roundtable event on 6th September 2018 to discuss the significance of international students in Scotland and formulate proposals as to how this can be preserved going forward. Scotland is relatively successful at attracting international students but is also vulnerable to geopolitical changes such as Brexit as they make up a comparatively large share of its student population. The purpose of this roundtable is to build upon the momentum generated by the recent submissions from the RSE and others to the UK Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) on the economic and social impacts of international students on the national, regional and local economy, and on the education sector. Shortly after the event we will produce and disseminate an ESRC Centre for Population branded Briefing Paper to relevant policy stakeholders, which will summarise the key messages and recommendations to emerge from the roundtable discussion.

The event took place on Thursday 6th September from 2-4pm at the RSE’s rooms at 22-26 George Street, Edinburgh. In order to facilitate candid discussion, the roundtable will adopt the Chatham House rule i.e. participants will be free to refer to the discussion, but they should not attribute comments to any individual. Sandwiches and light refreshments will be available from 1:15pm, and tea/coffee will be available at the end of the meeting to allow for further informal discussion for those who are able to stay on. Please do get in touch if you would like to attend the event ([email protected]). Additionally, we would welcome your thoughts on international student migration in Scotland by email. This could include: its significance to the HE sector and Scotland more widely, current gaps in our evidence base, current and future challenges and opportunities and policy recommendations.

Responses to the Migration Advisory Committee’s January 2018 consultation: “International students: economic and social impacts”.

Higher Education Policy Institute and Kaplan International Pathways report, The costs and benefits of international students by parliamentary constituency

ESRC Centre for Population Change research on International Student Migration

Pre-event written submissions

Dr Dee Bird

Labake Fakunle

Prof David Cole-Hamilton

Brexit means?

Byre Theatre, St Andrews, 25th October 2017

A roundtable conversation, moderated by a member of the Cultural Identity Studies Institute, with:  Ryan K Beasley, Jasmine Gani, David McCollum and Kieran McConaghy from the Schools of Geography and International Relations of the University.

Internal Migration Event, National Records of Scotland

Ladywell House, Edinburgh, 4th October 2017

An event focusing on internal migration in Scotland hosted by the National Records of Scotland, Ladywell House, Ladywell Road, Edinburgh

This event focused on the findings of a recent project led by Dr David McCollum and colleagues at the Universities of St Andrews and Edinburgh which focused on recent internal migration trends in Scotland. Fore more details about the event here and the project here

NRS demographic and POPGROUP training programme

Alan Marshall, Ludi Simpson and Sarah Christison ran a three day course on Demographic methods and population projections (30th August to 1st September 2017) sponsored by the National Records of Scotland.

International Research and Policy Symposium on Family Changes and Housing Transitions

St Andrews, 18th – 19th May 2017

Hill Kulu and Julia Mikolai organised an International Research and Policy Symposium on Family Changes and Housing Transitions in the Life Course. Invited keynote speakers were Prof William A. V. Clark from the University of California, Los Angeles and Prof Gerda Neyer from the University of Stockholm.


Academic presentations were the focus of the first day whereas the second day provided the opportunity for academic researchers and non-academic decision-makers to discuss the key findings and their policy implications. Panel members included Dr Andres Vikat (UNECE), Brian Robson (Joseph Rowntree Foundation), and Piers Elias (British Society for Population Studies). Find out more.

ADRN conference

Edinburgh, May 2017

Alan Marshall and Fiona Cox hosted a CALLS Hub-sponsored strand at a recent ADRN conference in Edinburgh.

The lineup of speakers includes a keynote talk by Prof. Johan Mackenbach (Erasmus), at the invitation of CALLS Hub. Four sessions are being sponsored by CALLS Hub with the aim of promoting the value of an international perspective to understandings of health inequalities and patterns/processes of migration using longitudinal census studies and population register data.

For further information, please select the conference agenda.

Radstats Conference

Edinburgh, 18th February 2017


Nissa Finney, Alan Marshall, Glenna Nightingale, Albert Sabater and Bozena Wielgoszewska (now at the University of Edinburgh) organised the 2017 Radical Statistics Conference in Edinburgh.

CALLS Hub Webinar

Online, 13th December 2016

calls-1Fiona Cox and Alan Marshall (now at the University of Edinburgh) delivered the first CALLS Hub webinar this week on the use of census longitudinal studies for research on health inequalities. The webinar featured excellent presentations from researchers at the University of Liverpool, St Andrews and Queen Mary University of London. A recording is now available on the CALLS Hub website at